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Partner Universities

The American Research Foundation is building a consortium of universities to play a major role in shaping the Arbitration profession among academics in their respective countries. Partner universities joining the consortium shall be able to nominate outstanding faculty members to join the fellowship program as well as invite graduate students to become junior fellows with opportunity for professional development and certification in the scientific arbitration field.

The Consortium of Universities’ vision is to become the world leader in promoting academic and research assessment by 2030. Partners universities shall work with IFPASA actively to achieve the programs vision of achieving sustainability and excellence in academic arbitration and assessment.

The process comes in line with the Sustainable Development Goals Accord recently signed by the American Research Foundation which aims at advancing the critical role our vision has of Sustainable Development and the value it brings to the Academic and Research Society and our program’s commitment and support to the UN 2025 Sustainable Development Goals.

We invite universities to join the IAASA university consortium and to become one of the leading educational institutions in their region to reside on the IAASA Advisory Board.

Partner university’s presidents and vice presidents shall be awarded the designation of a Senior Fellow of the American Research Foundation, thus residing on the Advisory Board and awarded the Senior Fellowship Certificate.

For more details and to nominate your university, please visit the following link:

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