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Metaverse consulting and certification of ideas, organizations, projects, people, programs and applications for a virtual world. Advising clients on their Metaverse presence, and adopting new disruptive technologies.

Metaverse Readiness Certification

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We provide Metaverse, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, and Big Data Consultation and Conceptualization. Our experts possess deep understanding of the Disruptive Technologies and their implementation.

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Request Metaverse-X franchise for your business to introduce our digitization and transformation services and solutions in your area.

Metaverse-X Services

Metaverse-X services starts with basic consultation and analysis of your use-case, and provide you with expert advice on the best scenarios for the implementation of your solution.

Systems and Solutions

Our solutions span the Metaverse and digital world from Blockchain authentication, cryptocurrencies, to big data and IoT systems.

Digital Transformation

We help you understand the digital technologies needed to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

Metaverse Startups

Our services support the launch of new Metaverse startups that can contribute to the growth and expansion of Metaverse ecosystem. Metaverse-X aims to equip and empower how Entrepreneurs think and produce pioneering solution for a digital world.

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