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Fellowships are awarded to individuals with outstanding academic and/or professional record who meet the program qualifications, and who seek affiliation and international arbitration experience with the American Research Foundation.

ARF does not follow a formal interview process in selecting applicants, however a representative or a member of the fellowship committee may contact the applicant by e-mail or video conferencing if further information is needed with regards to the application.

Although fellows are part of ARF International Fellowship Board, they are not considered formal staff members of ARF and do not receive any compensation for their participation in activities requested by ARF. All tasks are based on volunteer basis. A fellow must not expect to receive any financial or any other type of compensation for being a fellow of ARF.

It is highly advisable for fellows to have adequate financial resources to participate in meetings, forums or conferences if selected by ARF to participate in their capacity as a fellow of the American Research Foundation.

Junior Fellows

Graduate Students are welcome to join the IFPASA fellowship program and engage in junior activities organized by the American Research Foundation. Passing the Graduate Research Achievement Test – GRAT is a prerequisite for graduate students to be considered as Junior Fellows.

Members Benefits

IFPASA fellow becomes part of an elite group of international arbitrators affiliated with the American Research Foundation in addition to obtaining the following benefits:-

  • Professional Certificate as “International Academic Arbitrator and Scientific Assessor” delivered to fellow after passing the certification exam successfully
  • Fellowship with the American Research Foundation
  • Letter of Acceptance into the Fellowship Program
  • Certificate of Membership into the Fellowship Program
  • Fellow’s name, rank, title and contact details are listed in the database of international arbitrators for easy access by universities looking for academic and scientific arbitrators and assessors
  • Certificate of Recognition for their experience in arbitration and evaluation after the first year of membership

Join IFPASA, the world’s first Academic Arbitration and Peer Review & Assessment program and become part of an elite group of international arbitrators and assessors affiliated with the American Research Foundation.